The Challenge

Working with toy brands means integrating animation magic into live-action video. Timelines are often tight, which means storyboarding the spots requires working on the animations at the same time. This is the challenge Gardner Productions faced with their project for ChizzComm’s new product, the Djubi Slingball.

The Solution

We selected a team to complement the project requirements and that effortlessly managed casting, production and post-production work. On a tight deadline, Gardner produced a fun, high-energy and high-impact commercial spot for the Djubi Slingball, positioning it as a new twist on the classic game of catch.

With partners like Gardner Productions, timelines and our high production standards have always been met and within budget. There’s always time to smile and have a good laugh while working. It was an amazing working experience.

Harold Chizick

CEO & Founder, ChizComm

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