The Challenge

Versant Ventures, an international venture capital firm, needed a series of videos about global biotech and pharma operations. The project required film shoots in eight different locations across Canada, the US, and Europe. In early March 2020, two weeks before the Gardner crew were scheduled to fly to Switzerland, the business trip was cancelled due to the COVID outbreak in Europe and around the world. The series of videos were meant to be presented at the stakeholders’ conference in the Fall of that year, and the limit of travel and production meant a big challenge in how the videos would be produced.

The Solution

Gardner assembled eight different local crews in each of the designated cities and directed each of the shoots via Zoom. It was technologically and logistically challenging,  but the shoots went smoothly, and the client was thrilled with the films that premiered at their virtual conference.

Not only did Gardner Productions make an amazing series of videos for us, but the company was responsive, professional and flexible throughout the entire process, a task that was especially challenging during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Steven Edelson

Vice President, Investor Relations and Communications, Versant Ventures

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