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There’s no question that having a commercial for marketing/advertising purposes can help you improve your bottom line. Our commercial production teams – all across the globe –  are well versed in creating marketing collateral and can help you create engaging content for your online or traditional advertising campaigns.

The benefits are clear. By creating emotionally-driven content that your target audience will respond to, you’ll be helping to build your brand’s awareness. We believe in producing commercials that tell a story that will have a maximum impact on your audience.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should create commercials for marketing and advertising purposes.


Engage your audience.

By creating a commercial that appeals to your target audience’s emotions, you’ll be able to inform and educate while engaging them.

It’s a golden opportunity to tailor your brand message to a specific crowd. The more highly-targeted your message is, the more the audience will be receptive to it. Also, using commercials gives you the chance to bypass your target’s indifference to the messaging and catch their attention.

Enhance your marketing efforts by creating an eye-catching, tailor-made marketing/advertising commercials. You’ll capture the imagination of your target audience while increasing brand awareness.

Our team can help you to produce stunning marketing/advertising commercials that will increase your brand’s awareness!

A man working in our commercial production company

Go Viral.

The more you are able to forge an emotional bond with your audience, the more opportunities you have for greater exposure for your business. In today’s social media-centric world, interesting and emotionally-driven content has an excellent chance of going viral!

When your commercial content is shared on social media, it has the potential to vastly improve your company’s visibility and profile. And the more people who see it, the better the opportunity to maximize the size of your target audience.

Creat Traffic.

Having a marketing/advertising commercials can help you to increase traffic and online visibility for your website. Search engines have a favourable view of website videos, and well-crafted ones will only help to increase your rankings.

Google, in particular, wants to see traffic that stays in place for a measurable amount of time. When you upload a commercial to your site, you are encouraging visitors to stick around longer, which will ultimately work toward Google viewing your site in a more authoritative manner.

Also, since a commercial can simultaneously be distributed by various channels (YouTube, social media, etc.), it can act as a magnet for new traffic to your website.

Marketing/advertising commercials can bring enormous benefits to a company, and Gardner Productions can help create expertly-crafted and emotionally-driven stories. Don’t just advertise – use commercial as an opportunity to tell your own tale, in a way that will not only engage your target audience but have them relating to you as well.

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