Documentary Film and Video Production

There’s nothing like a documentary to captivate and move people. It’s an excellent way to connect with your audience in a highly emotive fashion, and you’ll engage them like no other visual form.

Whether you’re looking to educate, inform, challenge or inspire, having a documentary produced by Gardner Productions is a special way to tell your story.

Why Documentary Video Production?

Documentaries are designed to capture life as it happens. It’s the reality of events that impresses audiences, and if done correctly, a documentary has the ability to form a powerful connection with the viewer. For that reason, a documentary can be a powerful brand awareness tool and a vehicle to get your messaging across.

When it’s time to produce your documentary, you can rest assured that we’ll be with you every step of the way. Here is the process that we’ll take to ensure your documentary tells your story.

The story process

We’ll work closely with you to determine what story you want to tell, and how it should be told. Our creative team will help you to gather ideas and concepts that will be used as the shooting template. Themes will be fleshed out, and the exact angle determined. Locations and interview subjects will be scouted, and in-depth research conducted. A list of shots will be compiled, forming the essential backbone of the production.

The production

This is where the documentary begins to take physical form. It’s during principal photography that the documentary itself is filmed – people interviewed, background shots taken, and the essential events of the story captured.

Post production

Post production begins with the editing process in which the documentary is assembled. Our editing experts will pick out and put together the shots that will form the finished visual framework. Shots will be transcribed and a script template created. The documentary will be molded and shaped in much the way a sculptor works with clay.

Once the compelling story emerges the editors will work to ensure it’s the narrative you want to tell, and that it closely aligns with your vision.

During editing, music and sound will be added. The music might be original, composed specifically for your project, or you might choose from existing works. Narration, if applicable, will also be recorded and synced.

The last step is a final mix where the visuals and sound all come together.

Once your documentary is complete, it’s time to release it. You can watch in fascination as your audience becomes engaged with your story, both identifying with it and becoming emotionally connected with it.

When you have a story to tell, contact us and let us help you to achieve it. Our creative experts can help you craft a documentary that will educate, engage, and inspire.

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