Explainer Video Production

Explainer videos are an excellent way to help businesses, groups and organizations break down ideas into palatable information. They are generally short-duration animations that combine pleasing visuals with an instructive narrative. An explainer video production can help you engage your audience as few other formats can.

Explainer Video Production

An animated explainer video production captures the imagination and piques interest by the nature of its combination of appealing visuals and informative voiceover. For companies with products or services to sell, it’s crucial they are properly presented and clarified for the user to fully understand what they entail.

Gardner Productions offers a full suite of explainer video production services designed to tell your story, your way and are guaranteed to pique your audience’s interest while conveying your desired message.

Our services include:


Our team will research your topic to get a full understanding of the scope and breadth of the subject matter. They’ll work to incorporate your brand and formulate the best way to deliver your message to your target audience.


With research information in hand, we’ll write a script carefully tailored to deliver the exact message you wish to convey. Our writing team specializes in brand messaging that tells an engaging narrative while explaining and informing the audience.


In order to chart the progression of your explainer video, our production team will produce a series of storyboards that perfectly capture the action while reinforcing the video’s messaging.

Voice over

We’ll provide professional voice talent to record the narration according to the script and storyboards, which can range from a businesslike soundtrack to a comically-inspired voice over.


Our animation team will then animate the video based on such factors as voice track, storyboard, and script to produce a high-quality, engaging and entertaining explainer video that gets your message across.

A product or service animated explainer video will deliver your message, while encouraging your audience to seek out more information about your offer. It’s an economical yet effective way to boost your brand while promoting awareness.

We have the dedicated staff, resources, and expertise to produce your explainer video your way, with your particular needs in mind. We take pride in working with you every step of the way, and we’re never more than a phone call away.

Contact us to learn how an animated explainer video production can help your business or organization engage, inform and entertain your target audience.

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