Extending video marketing beyond traditional advertising


Gone are the days when television commercials were the only way to reach audiences with video. Today online video provides many of the same benefits of traditional advertising, and its own advantages too. Like it does on television, video online creates audience engagement and brand awareness. These are unique to the multimedia platform that video provides. Online video also provides the added benefit of improved search engine optimization, something every business needs.

Video creates an engaging experience online, just like it does on television. This benefit is even more pronounced on the internet which is mostly made up of text compared to on television. Unlike with reading, video’s information delivery method is not user-dependent. With text, how much information readers absorb is dependent on how motivated they are to read every detail as opposed to skimming. Video presents information to consumers in a way that they see its entirety if they chose to watch. Viewers of videos receive the information that businesses want to spread, unlike readers who can miss things. With video, the onus is on businesses to present information right in front of consumers. With reading, consumers are forced to dig through information, if they want to find out more. The former method requires less consumer motivation and reaches individuals who would otherwise have been turned-off by blocks of text.

Video’s also have the ability to deliver large amounts of information in a short time. This is thanks its blend video, animations, text and narrative that communicate much faster than reading speed. The increased stimulus that video provides leads to more attractive content. This characteristic of video is more beneficial on the internet, than on television. On television, commercials are surrounded either by more commercials or other video content. On the internet, videos can often stand alone, on a company’s website for example. Online videos can generate more interest because they are surrounded by more of the same. This can engage more audience attention than on television where commercials are repetitive and are nothing new to consumers. In this way, online videos can be more memorable to consumers, because they aren’t a part of one big blur.

Today, every business needs to establish an online presence to remain competitive. Implementing online video can help boost a company’s online awareness through search engine optimization. Today’s search engines, such as Google, use blended search, which takes into account text, image and video content when ranking search results. For a business, adding video to its repertoire adds video views to the equation. Search engines take into account video views as a factor when ranking webpages so businesses with videos will rank higher than those without. This all leads to being listed on the first page of Google searches. This achievement should not be underestimated because the majority of users are able to find what they need on the first page. This means that website ranked any lower will receive dramatically fewer visits than those on the first page. Getting on the first page almost requires video. Of all Google first page search results, roughly 80% of the websites feature video. Google, the most popular search engine by far, also gives websites with video special treatment. These websites sometimes show up with thumbnails of video content, providing more detailed previews. These links stand out and add further to the awareness boost online video provides.

Businesses should look to add online video to their marketing portfolios. Online video is growing rapidly and is in many ways a superior platform to traditional marketing. It helps business improve their online awareness which is important for today and for the future.

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