Next level storytelling

Our video marketing experts help tell the story of your brand in the most meaningful way to your intended audience. For more than twenty years, Stephen Gardner’s exceptional creative team produce award-winning videos across a broad list of industries and for a distinguished client roster of fortune 500 companies, Hollywood celebrities, infamous politicians, groundbreaking medical research firms and global travel tourism giants.

We don’t just tell stories, we make yours matter

Over 200 brand stories and television commercials ‒ brought to life by our Toronto-based creative team of producers, editors, scriptwriters and animators, led by Executive Director/Producer Stephen Gardner.

We’ve been around the world and back again: filming commercials, producing award-winning documentaries, and getting at the heart of the consumer, from the Maldives to South Africa, Hong Kong to Monaco, and closer to home in the United States, Canada and the U.K.

The moments that make your brand

It takes more than one video to make up a brand. Every moment is potential brand content that can be shared with your customers and convince them to buy your product, book your service or call your company. Of the many great stories we’ve told, here are some memorable moments that highlight the incredible journey we’re on.

HOW-TO ABCs and 123s
Make customer service the feather in your brand hat. Great how-to videos require more strategy and preparation to make it all appear easy to execute to the viewer. Demonstrate your faith and passion for your products and services. Make it easy for customers to use your product and they’ll thank you for it. Boring, they are not. Effective moments of truth are what we promise you.
Expand Your Social Reach
All starting points begin with what we want the brand to communicate. The right mix of sharable original content can exponentially grow your followers and turn your social account into your primary lead-generating channel. Great content makes sharing come naturally. Partnering with Gardner Productions provides a direct link to experienced social producers that will transform the way your customers perceive your brand.
The beat of the drums, the waves crashing, the comforting fireplace and the luscious escape embodied by commercials for Four Seasons Resorts, fun or business, in the sun and in the snow.
Birds of a feather brought together for an important initiative called The Gathering, a conference of cult brands with a social conscience. From event commercials that make you want to be there to event videos that make you wish you were, we connected brands like Harley-Davidson, Redbull and Air B&B, NHL executive Luc Robitaille of the Los Angeles Kings and comedic actor Gerry Dee in a series of videos.
In one inspirational, promotional video for, viewers realize why travel really matters to our lives. Pack your bags before you watch it because you’ll definitely want to go.
To demonstrate the transformative capabilities of the Intel Thunderbolt 3, we turned to our video production experts and 3D animation wizards to showcase the power of the Thunderbolt technology for Microsoft and Intel.
On location in Monaco, amidst treacherous mountain roads and breathtaking scenery, we mobilized multiples teams to do justice to the excitement and grandeur of the illustrious Rallye Monte Carlo races for ESPN.
Capturing the refracted brilliance of a Swarovski crystal with the refined glow of the woman wearing this exquisite jewellery elevated the appeal and emotional factor for jewellery lovers.
There are great days on location shoots, when we rub shoulders with many talented and interesting people in the industry, and the world.
Gardner Productions teamed up with the king of comedy Director Kevin Smith on a series of Hasbro toy commercials. He brought youthful exuberance to the set every day.
We captured precious royal moments during the Queen’s visit: Queen Elizabeth II waved as she stepped down from a Porter Airlines jet.
Gardner Productions worked with Frank Gehry, world renowned architect, producing a promotional series about a mentorship program to steer under privileged youths to follow careers in architecture.
Stephen & Frank Guery
Gardner Productions have collaborated with extraordinary people for a number of worthy and every time, our team goes well beyond the call of duty.
The Einstein Legacy Project ‒ we teamed up with Power Rangers founder Shuki Levy to produce a promotional video to promote educational programs aimed at finding the NEXT Einsteins with support from the European Space Agency.
In tribute to the humanitarian ethos of actor Morgan Freeman, Free the Children co-founders Craig and Marc Kielberger and actress Shirley Douglas and her son Kiefer Sutherland celebrate the ripple effect of Morgan’s good work around the world.
Working closely with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife Roslyn, Habitat For Humanity Project with the help of Gardner Productions open our eyes to the struggle of home ownership for people with low incomes.

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