How a good video can increase your web traffic


As is the goal with any case of search engine optimization, you want to increase traffic to your webpage. While we traditionally associate search engine optimization with meta-tags and text, new forms of media such as video are beginning to gain popularity as a key tool in increasing web traffic. By producing high-quality video and utilizing video search engine optimization best practices, you have the ability to increase traffic to your webpage.

Before considering search engine optimization methods, it is important to focus on video quality. Despite various factors that go into making a good-quality video, at the end of the day, all that matters is that the video delivers value to the viewer and that the viewer reciprocates in the way that you intended. In order to achieve the highest likelihood of this happening, your video must be concise, retain its audience, and have a clear call to action for the viewer to act upon once they have finished the video.

Having decreased by 31.25% over the last 15 years, the average person’s attention span has decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8.25 seconds in 2015. For reference, the average goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds. This means that marketers must get their message across faster than ever before. With 20% of viewers clicking away from videos within the first 10 seconds, there is a very small window with which you can captivate your viewers.

To successfully entice your viewers to continue watching, you must convince them that there is value in continuing to watch your video before you start delving into the videos contents. The best way to do this is to concisely explain what will be covered in the video and the value that the videos contents will bring to the viewer.

Once you are able to convince the viewers to continue watching your video, you must maintain their viewership. Two effective methods of doing this are targeting viewer emotions and making the structure of your video dynamic and relatively fast-paced. If viewers can emotionally connect to the contents of your videos, then they will naturally be more captivated by the information you deliver and your videos message will resonate with them more strongly. If you are also able to incorporate a dynamic element to your video such as changing backdrops, changing audio, or changing the person delivering information, for example, then you will likely maintain viewer engagement throughout the course of your video.

Lastly, there must be a very clear and explicit call to action once your message has been delivered. As a best practice, the viewer should be no more than one click away from your company’s website. If the consumer has to navigate through a maze of websites and search engine results in order to reach yours, then it is much more likely that they will lose interest and not follow up with the call to action on your video.

Once you have created a high-quality video, you can now utilize it through search engine optimization methods in order to increase web traffic to your site. Of search engine optimization tips and tricks, some of the best ways to increase web traffic to your site are to incorporate semantic elements into the title and description of your videos, build up a social media presence on several high-traffic channels, and to embed your videos on affiliate websites.

When users enter text into a search engine such as Google, they are inputting semantic information with hopes that it will match with the relevant search results. One way to ensure that your videos match with these results is to make the title and description of the video use the same keywords that users would type in when looking for your content. If these features of your videos match the semantic interpretation of your videoscontents, then it will become more likely that users performing semantic search will be matched with your videos.

While the end goal of search engine optimization is to make your website one of the top organic search results in order to increase traffic to your website, creating a presence on other social media giants can increase the circulation of your video content on the web. If in your video content you include direct links to your website, then you are further increasing the likelihood that viewers will click through to your website even if they viewed your video on an alternative social media source.

When creating your presence on these other channels, it is important that your social media presence be titled and described in a way that is semantically meaningful to users. This is because, even if your website doesn’t show up under particular search results, results of your account under certain social media profiles may show up. This means that if a user clicks on one of your social media profiles, they then have direct access to your website. Accumulate this over thousands of searches, and you can potentially increase your website traffic by a significant amount.

As a last piece of advice, it is wise to partner with as many groups as possible and embed your video into their content. By doing this, even though users are visiting your partnerswebsites, you were still introducing the potential to redirect traffic to your website. Like before, this is done by providing immediate, one click access to your website directly from your video.

As mobile technology becomes more ubiquitous, people will continue to search for media other than the conventional text. Therefore it is paramount that you be equipped with the right tools in order to maximize the likelihood that search engine viewers Will find your content by way of media other than text.

In 2013, video advertising increased up to 81% from 70% just two years before. With video being one of the media types poised for high growth in the future, adopting advanced video search engine optimization techniques early may lead to a competitive advantage.

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