Why online video marketing has a great payoff


Online video presents great marketing opportunities for getting the most out of investments. Traditional television advertisements cost a lot of money just for the time slots. For example, a 30 second gig during the Super Bowl costs about $4 million. Unlike with television, online video costs very little or nothing at all to reach a large audience. There are many ways to showcase videos to audiences on the internet which cost nothing. 

YouTube videos collectively receive hundreds of millions of views each day. There are different options for using YouTube as promotional platform. Businesses can create their own channel and feature videos that promote and explain their products. This costs nothing. They can also pay for their advertisements to be featured with other videos, starting at 10 cents per view. Simultaneously, businesses can use their presence on social media to deliver promotional content to viewers. An important thing to keep in mind is bridging the gap between advertising and entertainment content. Using these no cost video distribution platforms, companies need to keep their promotional content entertaining or interesting. Interesting content generates views online, which is how companies reach their intended audience. This is different from television ads, which are screened whether audiences want to watch or not. Creating interesting promotional content for online has this inherent advantage over traditional advertising. Viewers of these video actually want to watch them, unlike television ad viewers who often just change the channel or tune out. There is little point in producing content, only for it to be willfully ignored by audiences. Online videos can offer dramatically better returns on investment than tradition advertising. While television advertisers pay for viewers to ignore their videos, online advertisers use their interesting videos to reach audiences for free. 

Video marketing through television requires extensive research to find the most suitable channels to reach target audiences. This is not necessary for online video marketing because of the openness of the internet. Using the power of search engines, consumers are able to locate videos on products or services they need. Unlike with television where the businesses try to reach consumers, the consumers go to the businesses. Online video is effective because search allows users to receive promotional content that is relevant to them. This allows users to find what they are looking for while also allowing businesses to reach consumers that would be interested in their offerings. The internet works much more efficiently allowing users to access information that they want. Everything is inter-connected through links, which can direct potential customers to relevant company websites. Videos can greatly improve the effectiveness of a business’s website. They can increase the amount of time that visitors spend on website because of the engagement that they create. They can also bring more users to websites through search engine optimization. Videos allow websites to reach customers more efficiently by improving their rankings on search engines such as Google. Being ranked higher increases a websites visibility which increases the potential number of sales that can be generated. The improvements to websites can be dramatic, as typically 80% of first page Google results have videos. Landing on the first page is huge as users usually find what they are looking for here. Videos also increase the amount of time that visitors stay on website from the typical 20 or so seconds. Prolonging visitor stays gives companies enough time to generate interest in their offerings.

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