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Telling a compelling story in just 30 seconds or less requires a skilled hand - and years of experience. Gardner Productions has been providing award-winning commercial production services in Toronto and beyond for more than 20 years. Our senior team of strategic storytellers has fine-tuned their processes over hundreds of projects to quickly and efficiently deliver stand-out commercial videos.

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Strategic & creative support for your next commercial

Commercial production demands a higher grade of video, which means you need experienced, qualified professionals to help deliver an exceptional final product.

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You also need a team of skilled creatives who have the imagination and strategic know-how to bring your commercial to life.

For more than two decades, Gardner Productions has created attention-grabbing videos that shift mindsets, change behaviours and champion action. Whether you need to build brand awareness, increase sales, raise funds or communicate urgent messages, we’re committed to working with our clients to help them meet and exceed their objectives.

We work collaboratively to define the requirements for each commercial before moving onto production. This pre-production stage is the most critical of all, and Gardner Productions ensures every last detail is planned out to a tee before work commences.

Partnering with Toronto’s best casting agents, we’ll select the most suitable talent for your project. We also work with the city’s top-rated location scouts to help choose the perfect backdrop – either on location or in-studio – for every shoot.

Need help managing national and international commercial shoots? We have decades of experience working with affiliate crews and an incredible network of commercial production experts across the globe to help deliver high-impact commercials in almost any location.

From setting up crews, arranging studio space, managing field production and acquiring permits, we’ll sort out every single logistical detail of your commercial production, so you don’t have to.

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With sky-high production standards, endless creativity and a sharp eye for detail, we’re dedicated to producing top-tier commercial videos for our clients.

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