The power of video for consumers to make a purchase


For companies who are looking for a way to boost their sales, video might be the answer. Video is a popular form of media, with websites like YouTube receiving billions of visits. Adding video to any website offering products or services may produce positive results. Videos can cause visitors to stay on website for longer, add a personal touch and build trust with consumers. They can be a powerful tool in convincing consumers to make a purchase.

On average, visitors stay 90% longer on websites that feature video. This should come as no surprise. Our interest with video and general distaste for reading material arise from a young age. Videos are able to communicate more information in a shorter span of time, thus making reading seem more boring in comparison. This initial interest in video is more likely to draw visitors in at the beginning. This is evident from the fact that videos are often the first items users will go to on a website. When visitors come to a website, the little motivation that they initially have to stay declines by the second. Not knowing what the product or service being offered is all about means that target audience has no idea they might benefit. A video is able to change this situation faster than text and images can, creating more interested consumers before they lose interest. Using text and images alone as promotion may fail to capture many viable customers, because before they could be convinced, they lost interest.

Video is not only able to communicate more information, but also more types that text omits. Video allows companies to add a personal touch to their promotion, and potentially put a face behind their product. This goes a long way in the business work towards convincing customers to make a purchase. Outlining a list or features or advantages are one thing, but having an actual human being explaining is far more convincing. Consumers can pick up personal cues such as body language and emotions that can’t be communicated with text. Even images remain inferior to video in this regard. Video is especially useful for internet-based commerce, turning an impersonal environment a little more personal. Positive impressions matter and they contribute to sales. Video allows for companies to demonstrate more positive elements in for a first impression than text on its own.

When explaining a product or service to consumers, the use of video builds trust. Whether it’s a product or service being offered, video demonstrations of the features and human explanation of the advantages go further than any claims can. Videos also build credibility for the company as whole, by painting a picture to consumers that there are kind, helpful people on the other end. Fraud is prevalent on the internet and any boost in credibility for the company and trust over product claims can reassure consumers. The is true for start-ups in particular, whose brands are not as well known and can be perceived to be fraudulent. Building up a reputation takes a long time and many sales. Offering videos will provide and opportunity to convince customers of where their hard-earned money would be going.

When it comes to generating sales, adding video as a promotional tool can go a long way. Video provides a more interesting platform for companies to describe their product or service. This leads to web visitors staying for longer periods of time with increase probability of making a purchase. Video also allows for companies to put a face behind their offerings to better communicate with online visitors. This also plays a factor into building trust and credibility, which is a must for e-commerce. Start-ups in particular will benefit from the added personal elements that come with making videos. This provides a starting point for building credibility through successful sales.

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