PSA (Public Service Announcements) Production

Public service announcement videos are a unique way to get your message across. By both educating and influencing, a PSA video production will help you connect with your audience powerfully and with emotion. There’s no finer vehicle for increasing your brand’s messaging than by producing a PSA video.

We believe that every video should tell a story. That’s why our expert creative team will work with you every step of the way – to help you conceptualize and execute your vision, your way.

Why Choose Gardner Productions For Your PSA Video Production?

A PSA video is the perfect medium for delivering any message. It provides you with a golden opportunity to demonstrate your brand’s leadership position by benevolently informing the audience. The viewer is likely to connect with your ideas via an emotional response, helping to cement your brand’s message in a positive light.

When you decide a PSA message is right for you, we’ll be your partners in the process, there for you at every stage of the production. Here’s an idea of what the process will look like.

Conceptualize the message

The first step is to help you decide exactly what your message should be. We’ll examine the issue, determine who you’d like to influence and how, and examine how we can use it to portray you in a positive light.

PSAs are a great tool for promoting behavioral change, and your organization’s unique selling proposition is a great avenue to start with. By considering who your target audience is, we’ll be able to help you to target your message appropriately.


Once the message and issues are known, we’ll begin pre-production of the video. Our creative team will draft a script, draw up storyboards, and design the look and feel. Talent and crews will be selected, locations chosen, and a final action plan will be available for your review.


This is where the cameras start rolling. Whether in-studio or on location, the essence of your PSA will be caught on camera. We’ll use nothing but the best equipment and people to ensure that we capture your vision.


The video will go through the editing process, where our editorial team will work to sculpt the footage into a powerful visual. The sound will be mixed in, titles added, and special effects created. This is the final stage of the process, resulting in a professionally-produced video ready to move your audience.

When you’re looking for expertly-made and powerful PSA video production services, Gardner Productions’ creative team is standing by. We’ll partner with you throughout the entire process, and we’re never more than a phone call away.

Tell your public service announcement story your way, according to your vision. Contact us and lets us show you how we can bring your message to life.

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