The Gathering Conference


The Gathering, a conference celebrating the success of fan-based brands, commenced a charged conference with A-list speakers from across North America, in Banff, Alberta today.

Ryan Gill, President & Partner of Cult Collective Agency, and founder of The Gathering, kicked off the sessions that included speakers Jonathan Mildenhall from AirBNB, Eric Peterson from Lululemon, Jackie Poradjian from UFC, James Connell from Roots, Dave Freeman from Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, and Luc Robitaille from the L.A. Kings.

The one common ingredient that all speakers highlighted was that successful brands connect with an audience. The connection goes beyond the product itself, as it also has a great deal to do with how the brand also helps to contribute to respective communities though charity and education. All speakers also spoke the power of authentic communication between the brands and their audiences.

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