The Power of 3D Animation in Video and Commercials

There are many advantages to incorporating 2D and 3D animation into your video production projects. Whether they are commercial videos or television commercials, the immediate advantage is their inclusion adds a sense of production value.

With the lead of a strong creative video producer, a project immediately looks more expensive and will create the impression of importance upon the viewer. This is especially true of 3D animation as the added sense of depth, lighting effects and dynamic camera movement can elevate a project to a whole new level of professionalism.

The inclusion of animation in a video project also has the effect of making a video more interesting to watch. The added dynamic movement, colour, changing compositions, and transitions catch the viewer’s eye and draw them into the message the video is trying to get across. This also has the added advantage of making the video’s message easier to understand. Through animation anything is possible – even the most abstract ideas can be visualized, simplified and specifically tailored to any audience.

Building communities and homes can come alive in the abstract by creating a 3D world, often used by architects and planners to illustrate what will world will look and feel like.

The use of video in Real View Medical Holography incorporates the amazing demonstration of how a 3D model comes alive in the explainer video format.

In this case, the product itself is a medical holography that exists in a full 3D and Virtual Reality space. Used by medical practitioners, the technology enables them to use holographic images of the human organs to study and investigate problems and come up with solutions before delving into various treatments or surgical procedures.

Product explainer videos, broadcast animation commercials, medical procedure videos, architect renderings and so many other designs and show screens make 3D Animation a necessity in the world of broadcast video production.

Whether seen in live event productions, on-line video productions, or commercials, the use of 3D animation is a powerful medium that helps merge vision with reality.

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