The essence of any powerful event video production lies in the grassroots core of the subject matter and why that topic should matter to the masses.

Most recently Gardner Productions was chosen to be the video content creator for The Einstein Foundation, which encompasses a series of initiatives stemming from the great visions of legendary scientific icon Albert Einstein.

Any storyteller will tell you that at the onset of any solid documentary or video production that video content creators need to map out what the story is. A strong production needs a beginning, middle, and end. Perhaps most importantly, upon the conclusion of the story there has to be tie in to why this subject is so important to contemporary culture.

You need your main hero or heroine… the human touch that will draw your viewer in to the story; make laugh or cry but most importantly, make them care.

In the case of this story, we begin with a struggling scientist, Albert Einstein. His work is so far ahead of its time;the scientific and academic community dismisses his theories. He pays his bills by working as a patent agent during the day and continues his scientific research by night, all while feeding his family and helping to take care of his colicky baby.

Einstein continues to challenge the mainstream community and he wins. He has founded the General Theory of Relativity and his name has become synonymous with intellect and greatness.

The key ingredient here in any creative video production is the call to action. Beyond our hero Albert Einstein becoming a great scientific icon, even more important is that he becomes a visionary. He sees beyond the naysayers and the negativity of mainstream society. He has charted his own path and sees the light at the end of his tunnel.

The result: in our lifetime Albert Einstein has become the visionary that has inspired so many successful thinkers, artists and icons of our time, many of whom will be chronicled in The Genius Book: a 3D publishing milestone that will showcase the collective visions of these respective individuals.

The Einstein Foundation, launched by personalities including CNNs Anderson Cooper and Rock legend Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, signal that the name Einstein serves as a beacon of hope and vision for anyone — any man, woman, or child – with a dream and the determination to make it succeed.

The essence of this story, translated into a powerful event video production, has travelled far beyond its initial event audience. In just a few short months, the digital video production now resides in several countries all over the world, raising funds and awareness for inspiring new, young thinkers and visionaries.

That’s the power of creative video services.

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