The Power of Explainer Videos to Create Customers


How-to videos, or Explainer videos have become a trend in 2016, with online video growing in popularity. In the video production realm, these ‘explainer’ videos are an effective way to cater to consumers while also promoting a product. What makes these videos so powerful is their simplicity.

How-to videos are best kept short – around 1 -2 minutes, and address a single problem that consumers may have. There are two main parts of a video – a problem and a solution. The problem being presented should be one the product aims to solve and the solution is where the product being promoted is introduced. Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, there are no frills to this one, just a straightforward solution to a consumer problem. This way, the video only targets those consumers who experience the issue being addressed, or the target audience.

Because only the people who would have interest in the product are targeted, explainer videos work efficiently. They avoid the production costs necessary to ‘entertain’ the audience as a whole, which is typically a hit or miss strategy. Most traditional forms of product promotion take attention away from the product itself and success is ultimately decided by if viewers enjoyed the advertisement. This is not the case with explainer videos, which only touch on the product and the problem it addresses.

How-to video productions are usually kept very simple. They are usually corporate animation videos that include a voice-over. The emphasis in these videos is on the script. The script of an explainer video is something that should be written by the company being promoted, which best understands its own product. Its goal should be to answer all of its customers’ potential questions in a concise manner.

It should hit all the key points of the product or service featured, with smooth transitions, like an elevator pitch. One major point that should be clearly established is the problem itself. The video needs to establish a clear problem that affects consumers, which the aim of the product or service is to solve. Once a script has been finalized, the next steps are to hire a voice-over actor and a company to create the video.

If executed correctly, an explainer video will drive revenue up for businesses at a bargain. In addition, the entire creation process should only take a few weeks, so businesses can reap the rewards sooner than later.

Although these types of videos will benefit companies of all shapes and sizes, start-ups in particular are well suited for this genre of promotion. Explainer videos do a very good job of describing a product or service, which is exactly what start-ups need to communicate to consumers.

For any business that is trying to get its idea out to consumers, the explainer video is a great starting point. It may also be more effective that traditional forms of advertising when it comes to convincing consumers. Video is a great form of promotion and explainer videos act as a foundation for future efforts. They outline a company identity and never seem outdated due to their nature. While the creation process only takes a few weeks, the effects can be felt for years into the future. Explainer videos hold the power to convert consumers into customers

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