Toronto – An International Hub For Creative Activity


The year 2016 proved to be a great shift in global entertainment and in the information marketplace. Toronto has flourished in entertainment history as Hollywood North, with increased production of TV series and digital information platforms. As a result, Canadian talent and companies have become a significant world resource for creative innovation and skill, for good value.

For decades, Toronto has been a favourite for video and content producers, both domestic and international, thanks to its diversity and architecture. From actors and directors to special effects professionals and production designers, it is easy to find first-rate talent both in front of and behind the camera. Behind only Los Angeles and New York City, Toronto boasts (politely, of course) as one of the top exporters of television and film production. In addition to being a production hubspot, art festivals such as Nuit Blanche, Canada’s Walk of Fame, and especially the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), catapult the city as a viable and vibrant artistic centre onto the world stage.

As a city, Toronto has truly come into its own, recognizing, not for the first time, but perhaps more clearly now, the influence it can carry around the world. Torontonians pride themselves on being Canadian but now are ready to embrace the intrinsic metropolitan aspects that are unique to this city.

For Gardner Productions, being a Toronto-based Video Production and commercial company has resulted in increased global clients, including San Francisco-based Citizen Science, the international Einstein Legacy Project, Toronto-based toy company Spin Master, Toronto-based Four Seasons’ Hotels and Resorts, and Austrian-based Swarovski. We look forward to 2017 with continued growth, connecting with new clients, and working with diverse brands. It’s an exciting challenge ahead.

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