Why users spend more time on websites that use video


Websites featuring well executed videos are able to convince visitors to stay more often than not. This should not come as a surprise in this world where we are fascinated by the media form. Online video sites such as YouTube have gained undisputed attention, with billions of people spending time on them at their own leisure. The same interest that drives YouTube can create results for any business that operates a website. The key to website success is not only to gain many visitors, but also to convince them to stay. This translates directly into sales or subscriptions because the longer consumers stay on a company’s website, the more likely they will be convinced by the promotional techniques used. Video can be a big help in this regard. 

First impressions are important and this concept is key in the business world. Just like appearance in the real world, companies want to present their best face on their website. A video can accomplish this for a website, in the way a well-tailored suit would for an individual. Although there are limitations to what a first impression can communicate in-person, the potential for a video is almost limitless. Video as a media form is able to communicate vast amounts of information. What would take paragraphs of text could be accomplished in few seconds of a video using a blend of video, graphics, text and voice-over. The speed at which information can be shared is really what sets video apart from the other elements that might be on a webpage. Instead requiring visitors to scroll, click and read through large amounts of material, a video can convey what a company wants consumers to know with ease. A video will allow consumers to understand the product or service being offered while they are still in the interested phase of stumbling across a new website. An absence of video usually means that by the time this phase passes, consumers still have not grasped the idea and have simply become bored. Getting key information out before website visitors become bored is the way to convert consumers into customers. Once this information has been understood, those who have a stake in what is being offered will gain interest, while those who do not will leave. The people who don’t have stake would have exited the website regardless of if the information was communicated and they are not viable customers in the first place. The important thing is that the people who have the need being addressed understand that they have arrived possible solution. This promotes further interest in the website, increase time spent on it and a potential client. 

Adding video to a website adds a personal touch that just can’t be replicated by text. Videos can put a face behind a product or service in a way that builds trust and relationships. They can demonstrate humanity which gains the trust of visitors. In the minds of consumers, its hard to shed the imagery that scammers are the ones who lurk in the darkness while the good guys welcome you with open arms. With internet fraud so prevalent, videos can be a convincing way for companies to demonstrate the latter. This aspect goes even further for websites that offer products or services. Video allows for real demonstrations and personal testimonials of the solutions being offered. This is far more convincing and credible that claims that can be made by anyone. The ultimate goal is to create a website that communicates safety and trustworthiness for visitors, where their money is concerned. Once trust is built, consumers are more likely to stay on a website without fear of being tricked or wasting their time. Any uncertainty in this regard could be reason for visitors to leave. 

At the end of the day, customer service is key, for any business. This means putting customers first and ensuring they are comfortable and taken care during all business interactions. This is something that starts with the website, well ahead of any in-person interactions. Websites should be optimized to insure visitors have an enjoyable time. This means avoiding long paragraphs of information which are a chore to decipher. The alternative is to include videos which are the easiest ways to learn. As children in school, we preferred informative videos to text material. Adults are no different. While reading is seen as chore, much of the population willingly spends hours watching internet videos. This translates into almost any website with users staying almost twice as long when video is present. Companies wanting to hold on to website visitors should take notice. Adding video as form of communication delves into this common interest and can produce positive results.

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