Using video to gear us into good exercising directions


As technology has advanced, the internet has fostered a culture where experts in various fields can disseminate their knowledge throughout the internet. One key area that has gained ubiquity over the past decade is fitness and nutrition. As knowledge of best practices in exercise and nutrition are publicly available on free content websites such as Youtube, Facebook, and other fitness related blogs, it is now easier than ever to become savvy in fitness and nutrition.

In order to become most well acclimated to the fitness world, it is important that you discover which blogs and websites are best suited for your lifestyle. If you are an aspiring bodybuilder, then it is worth checking out websites such as or T Nation, whereas if youre interested in developing better cardiovascular performance then you should become a follower of websites such as or Once you find the websites that are most suited towards your fitness goals, it is also wise to subscribe to their social media accounts as frequent updates are usually released through these sources.

To supplement these sources, there are many freelance Youtube users who provide fitness content. These content creators exist for a wide variety of fitness pursuers from bodybuilders and extreme athletes to newcomers to the fitness world. Find the channels that are most appropriate for your fitness needs and subscribe so that you are informed on their regular updates.

What is nice about video is that it provides a highly useful demonstrative component to the learning experience. While you can certainly gain information about exercises and fitness practices through reading, it is much more useful to see exercises being demonstrated – especially if you are new to the fitness world. Many fitness experts on Youtube provide several examples of how to perform a plethora of exercises including information on what joints and muscles are involved, appropriate repetition ranges, and the suggested number of repetitions and sets for which a certain exercise should be performed.

A further benefit that video has on directing our fitness goals is the fact that there are videos available to instruct through specific exercises as well as tutorials on entire workout routines and weekly workout schedules. As many beginners do not know how to create a fitness schedule, having the guidance of an expert can help any fitness newcomer develop a solid routine.

Additionally, users have the opportunity to receive new content. Whether it be the release of a new video from a channel that you are already subscribed to or your search for new content, you always have access to new video. Considering that regularly changing your workout routine is an excellent way to grow muscle and burn fat, having constant access to a plethora of videos aids tremendously in allowing you to add new components to your workout.

Apart from the workout itself, consulting videos prior to workouts yields added safety benefits. Considering that many aspects of working out are foreign to beginners, watching videos of professionals performing an exercise allows you to see how to correctly perform the same exercise so as to avoid injury. Videos made by experts often offer good recommendations of weight to use for beginners – this allows beginners to approach new exercises using appropriate amounts of weight so as to benefit from the workout but to avoid injuries such as muscle strains or torn ligaments.

A more subtle benefit offered by exercise video providers is the opportunity for fitness newcomers to get an insight into gym culture and jargon. With many foreign terms being thrown around in the context of working out such as reps, set, supine, etc., it can be intimidating to socialize if you are unfamiliar with this culture and language. By watching online videos that explain fitness concepts, the viewer not only learns the information pertaining to fitness instruction, but is also subtly acquiring the vocabulary and absorbing the culture of fitness.  

As many experts argue that 25% of your gains come from the gym while the other 75% come from everything else, it is crucial that you not only adopt proper habits in the gym, but also outside of the gym. Luckily, many fitness channels also offer information on how to incorporate fitness into your overall lifestyle. This includes dietary tips as well as ways to maintain a healthy sleep schedule.

Having the aid of video from fitness experts is crucial in helping fitness beginners navigate their way through the world of nutrition. With many nutrition concepts ranging from macronutrient dietary composition to different types of carbohydrates, slow release protein versus quick release protein, etc., nutrition is a complicated topic. With experienced members of the fitness community providing insight towards various dietary considerations, it is now easier than ever for newcomers to improve their diet based on expert help.

The aid of fitness experts in providing nutrition content adds further value as many viewers have different fitness goals. When considering people with large differences in fitness goals (bodybuilder vs. marathon runner for example), the routine they must follow is substantially different both inside and outside of the gym. As many Youtube channels pertaining to fitness tend to focus on one particular fitness goal such as bodybuilding, cross-training fitness, running, etc., experts in these areas of fitness not only provide information in the form of training procedures, but also insight into their lifestyle and routine that allows them to perform in their specific area of fitness.

By engaging in various video-based online communities, beginners have the opportunity to join a fitness based community where they can make new virtual and non-virtual friendships with people who aspire to achieve similar fitness goals. By taking a community based approach to fitness, members of these online communities can also become more easily inspired and share their progress with one another.

Regardless of ones motives to get involved in the online community of fitness, there are many benefits to be realized from fitness pursuers of all levels. It is likely that online video will continue to be a popular choice for conveying fitness information for the foreseeable future.

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