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Although it was once restricted to the domain of television, video is quickly becoming a popular social tool. Video provides an information dense medium that enables connection with customers, members, and prospects by integrating video with other social media sources. By following video event marketing best practices, you can deliver value to your customers and create long-term relationships with them.

If the nature of the event is a conference, trade show, or something similar, the goal is to drive as much traffic as possible to your company’s booth. In order to increase the chance of this happening, it is paramount that you spread awareness about your company via communication channels that are set up prior to the event. An excellent way to do this is to make a series of videos marketing the event in question. By doing this, you are increasing awareness about your company while simultaneously capturing attendee interest before the event starts.

The first consideration is of your videos and value proposition. A common mistake made by companies that engage in event marketing is to make the video about themselves and essentially create an advertisement about their brand. Avoid this by making your event marketing video about your consumers and how they can derive value from the event in question.

If the nature of the event is something competitive such as a trade show, then you need a way to stand out from your competitors. A clever way to accomplish this is by having the people who will be physically present at the event appear in the event marketing video. Playing off of the celebrity effect, you can build a sense of familiarity and authority in your target audience before they actually meet you. When your target audience is physically at the event and they see you, they will be more drawn to you as they saw you in the series of videos preceding the event. Applying this tactic is an excellent way to gain a competitive advantage at selling events such as trade shows.

To further make your videos about the consumer, a best practice is to preview key topics that will be covered so that attendees to your event can prepare and develop questions. Doing this has the added benefit of consumers researching your brand ahead of time. If consumers are already comfortable and familiar with what your company does, then they can ask you more specific questions at the event.

Your videos should provide other useful information regarding the event such as how to register and use the transportation system near the area. This technique provides an interesting spin on the traditional event information email.

Additional video you can create for event marketing purposes includes previews of entertainment, various aspects of the venue, local attractions, or anything else of this nature. So long as the video you create does not focus only on your company but instead focuses on delivering the consumer a high quality experience at the event, then your videos will add more value than had you just focused on promoting your company.

During the event itself, you realize a key opportunity to collect testimonials from existing customers and prospective customers regarding their thoughts on your company. Such footage is incredibly useful as it can be later incorporated to your companys website or included in future video advertisements.

In addition to collecting testimonials, it is crucial that you collect an event recap video. This gives your company the opportunity to showcase select video clips from the event in order to give the appearance that your brand was everywhere creating a sense of dominance in your industry.

Make sure that your video captures many facets of the event itself. While it is important to highlight your companys success during the event, it is crucial that you include other aspects of the event such as attendee interviews. The content of these interviews should focus on what the attendees learned throughout the event or what they enjoyed most. By making the attendee interview about the event and industry itself, you are capturing video content that can be used in your event to recap video that doesn’t advertise your brand specifically.

Once the event is over and you have collected a plethora of high-quality footage, it is time to distribute your post-event footage. The content of your follow-up video should capture all aspects of this year’s event and create excitement for the following years event. To do this, be sure to capture highlights of educational  sessions, social events, interviews, and other company displays at the event. Be sure to also answer questions that current year attendees had.

It is crucial that you also distribute videos through multiple social media channels as well as the event website, your website, and the hosts social media. It is a best practice to keep the videos short and include multiple videos to capture different topics. By doing this you are preventing the user from having to sit through one long video which attempts to capture everything.

An added benefit that video has in promoting events is the ability to subtly capture sponsor images. When event marketing occurs on non-video media, sponsors are usually recognized at one point where their image and a small company description is presented. If the viewers do not reach this point, then they’re completely unaware of who the sponsors are. From the perspective of a potential sponsor, this provides a large disincentive to provide sponsorship.

In video event marketing however, viewers have no choice but to see sponsorship images surrounding the event. This guarantees more time for sponsor logos to be presented to the target audience. The more airtime that sponsors get, the more receptive they will be to funding your company.

By following event marketing best practices, you can increase the likelihood that prospective attendees will be drawn to your company at the event in question. In this way, video marketing can be a powerful tool to capture attendee interest before the event actually starts.

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