Using video to sell a good story at conference


Video is no longer just used in situations where in-person communication is impossible. Its become a tool used during presentations or conferences to tell stories or explain ideas. Video is used at such events where there are live speakers because of its storytelling capabilities. For presenters, some ideas are better communicated using video, with animation, text and voice-over at their disposal. Technological advancements have made these elements into an effective combination for impactful story telling.

Video can be more effective at communicating ideas to audiences than an presenter on stage. No matter how good speakers are, they will be limited by how much information audiences can obtain through listening and a slideshow presentation. The videos that can be created today add more dimensions to any presentation. They appeal to the visual and auditory learners in everyone and even kinesthetic learners may benefit from good animation. Videos check off all the communication boxes, starting with voice-over. The narrator used to tell story can be clear and crisp. Videos allow narration to be rehearsed perfectly and edited to remove any errors. This is a freedom that does not exist with speaking in person. Even the best public speakers will stutter once in a while and this is unavoidable. Also the person best suited for presenting a topic, who is perhaps most knowledgeable, might not have the clearest voice. Video always companies to hire the best narrator for the task and get everything right. If at this point, there are still audience members who can’t comprehend what’s being said, they can follow along with text is incorporated into videos. Text also serves to reinforce key points touched upon during videos to make them more memorable. Sometimes, ideas that are being presented are just difficult to describe. Its in these situations where custom video animations really shine. Animations allow audiences to see the entire picture at once for ideas that are visual in nature. For example, a story about ocean currents and pollution would be better told through a video featuring animations of all the global currents. Being able to deliver all this information in a short amount of time, videos are more interesting to audiences. In our fast paced world, people often more find interest from watching movies, television and online video than they do from reading.

The trend now is that video is taking over internet traffic. More companies are producing content in the form of video. Luckily, today production costs for animated videos are much less than they used to be. Animated videos provide an effective way to communicate a topic while avoiding the need for actors and the high production costs associated. The already low production costs can also be spread over the useful live of videos, which can be reused again and again. Low costs and the fact that video production companies are easily accessible should encourage businesses to produce videos on topics they see fit. Companies should start with the explainer video that describes a product or service and the problem it aims to solve. This is the fundamental video for businesses offering something new. The explainer video has a great deal of storytelling to it, making it an interesting video to feature on a website, or at a conference. It starts off by describing a problem that consumers experience and then it presents the solution in the form of a product or service. Explain videos are less than 2 minutes long, making them versatile, for use in any setting.

Videos have always been a great storytelling platform. Today, video animation’s popularity and affordability make it a great option for all businesses to get their ideas across. Featuring a well produced video at a conference or presentation creates a lasting impression.

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