Using video to update employee with the state of the company


The saying “a picture is worth” a thousand words may be cliché, but it does have a point. Multimedia forms of communication are replacing plain text in this technologically evolved world we live in. As richer forms of communication become more prevalent, tradition forms seem outdated and boring in comparison. In this fast-paced world we live in, video is the superior form of communication over text and images. The use of video allows the communicator to captivate audiences in ways that other forms of media can’t match. In addition to delivering large amounts of information in a short time, video also allows for more personal communication, where non-verbal cues aren’t omitted. These characteristics really make a difference when its comes to internal communication within a company. Enterprise video can boost productivity, which is why more and more organizations are using it as a tool.

Once established, a video-friendly culture within an organization will serve many functions. One of which is to update employees with the state of the company, a task traditionally done using text or in person. In this situation, video can increase information retention among employees by delivering said information in a more interesting and memorable way. There is a reason why children in school react in excitement when a video is being shown in class and even adults can’t escape this nature. Using video can also provide more effective communication. It can prevent errors in communication, while the addition of graphic and text elements can actually enhance message delivery. Having these supplementary communication elements can eliminate confusion over a company change by displaying it visually and having text support. This proves that the video communication channel can encompass all the other channels and their benefits when used effectively. Video can also be more time efficient means, by delivering in a few seconds what could be communicated over a few paragraphs of text. This saves time for both the content viewer and the creator. Given the personal aspect of video communications, employees are more likely to react positively to the news that is being given. If an update is positive, employees are more likely to be elated by the news and if an update is negative, they are more likely to be understanding. Through this personalized approach, power-distances can be seemingly decreased. Having a CEO, or company leader deliver a company update can strengthen connections between upper management and employees. It can also strengthen the sense of team when a CEO is seemly communicating directly to an employee through a video.

Using video as the communication channel can oftentimes save time and money within an organization. Company updates usually reserved for in-person communications can be substituted with video, allowing knowledge to be shared with employees on their own time. This can avoid any logistical issues that companies may face when planning to give such an update. In terms of communication richness, video is falls just behind in-person communication, which allows it become an ideal substitute. Unlike in-person communication, videos can be replayed an infinite number of times and saved indefinitely. This allows employees to review parts they missed, when it would be inconvenient to ask for repetition in person. This can be of particular benefit to new employees or regular employees in an unfamiliar sector who may have more difficulty obtaining information in-person. Video communication can render note taking obsolete by providing informative resources for employees to use in there work area. A library of videos can provide an archive of all of the company updates that have been given and can be accessed at any time by an employee as they work. This provides a convenient reference for every employee, even if they are new to an organization. New employees will be inducted into the organization at their own pace. Having company updates readily available facilitates internal knowledge acquisition and organizational efficiency.

Many of the worlds largest companies, such as IBM and Airbus are turning to video for internal communications. Its benefits are multidimensional and often provide win-win situations for management and employees alike. As technology is rapidly progressing, it is important for organizations to keep up. This includes implementing the latest solutions for internal communications for efficiency and effectiveness. The use of enterprise video is especially suited for delivering updates to employees regarding the state of the company. It provides a more personal platform than traditional channels while also being more effective at the task at hand.

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