How video boosts consumer confidence


Ecommerce has been growing in popularity because it offers consumers many conveniences. It allows consumers to shop from home, without ever needing to step outside. This very convenient for shoppers because everything from order execution to front door delivery is taken care of automatically. Online shopping also provides opportunities for consumers to obtain goods that normally wouldn’t be available locally. Ecommerce is a great place to find exclusive items as well as competitive prices. The internet also provides opportunities for fraud and identity theft to occur. These are common worries among consumers regarding online shopping and they detract from the whole experience. These aren’t the only worries that hinder consumers’ motivation to shop online. Customers will also be worried about not receiving the item they envisioned when it comes in the mail. Online shopping doesn’t allow for the detailed examination that can take place in brick and mortar stores. Video can address all of these worries to boost consumer confidence and increase sales. 

For any company that does business online, video can be a great way to increase credibility. With internet scammers trying to stay hidden, featuring video on a website communicates openness. Putting a face behind a brand reassures consumers that the business is legitimate. Businesses that implement video also demonstrate their commitment to improving their customer service experiences. Website with video are more welcoming to visitors because they can communicate positive emotions that can be spread around. Well designed websites with effective video use send the message of permanence. When a lot of thought and effort has been put into something, it is usually meant to last a long time. On the other hand, websites that are visually inferior send the message of cost reduction and cutting corners. These websites can seem like they will disappear tomorrow. To inspire consumer confidence, businesses need to seem like they will be around to resolve any future problems that customers may have. Videos significantly add production value to websites and inspire confidence. 

Even with reputable online sellers, consumers may still hesitate when making purchases. The internet doesn’t provide the peace of mind that shopping in person does. In person, consumers know exactly what product they are purchasing. In ecommerce, consumers have to rely on descriptions and images most of the time create and idea of what they will receive in the mail. Video can add confidence to buying decisions buy demonstrating product features to consumers. This can’t be achieved with text and images to the same degree. Text relies on claims which hold not credibility on their own. Images are limited by the angles that they are captured at and are unable to depict motions that are sometimes important. Putting in the effort to product product videos can reduce consumer hesitation in purchasing an item by adding assurance to what is being bought. Online retailer Zappos accomplishes this by having product demonstration videos for most of their offerings. In these videos, an employee demonstrates the product and provides views of it from all angles. This strategy adds credibility to Zappo’s website, which may not seem reputable to those unfamiliar with it. It also better informs consumers about the items they are looking at which is beneficial in two ways. First, it boosts consumer confidence about specific items, which reduces hesitation for purchases. Second, it reduces costs that would be associated with returns in the future for poorly described items. If Zappos, a clothing retailer is able to produce videos for most of its massive catalogue, then most businesses that sell a few items should be able to implement video. 

The internet creates conveniences for consumers and scammers alike. Legitimate businesses are able to differentiate themselves by implementing video. Videos can add credibility to an organization on the internet and boost consumer confidence in making purchases.

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