How video can raise awareness with instant Impact


Videos help company websites stand out. On the internet, which is full of information, audiences are more likely to be attracted by movement. What started off as a survival instinct has now become a way of filtering information that is hardwired into the human brain. Just like when we turn our heads to something moving in our peripheral, we gravitate towards a motion picture on a website. Videos attract attention to themselves by standing out in a sea of still, stagnant information. This can create an instant impact for companies looking to raise awareness. Videos provide focal points for web visitors on pages that would otherwise be camouflaged by internet motifs. This benefits websites by engaging visitors to stay longer. Extending stays beyond the typical 10-20 seconds it takes to leave can provide opportunities to tell consumers about a product. Video is also great for this purpose because it communicates information quickly and understandably. With a blend of different media to use: video, animations and text to name few, video is able to deliver paragraphs of information in a few seconds. Multimedia lets consumers quickly figure out that they need a certain product or service being offered, when over time, they could lose interest. Video increases awareness for companies overall, attracting more consumers who would be interested in offerings. These are customers that could have been lost to waning interest, without video. Videos that use actors give views faces to focus their attention. This taps into the human nature to make eye contact during conversations. Facial expressions and voice intonations create engagement by attracting more attention that the flat-line text. The end result is that viewers are not only more likely to stay on websites featuring video, but are also more likely to remember what was promoted.

Videos also increase awareness indirectly through search engine optimization (SEO). Put simply, when an internet search is run, providers like Google rank results by how many visits they receive and how long visitors stay. Both of these statistics can be greatly improved using video. The latter is improved as a result of increased audience engagement that multimedia provides. The former can be increased as a result of the popularity of online videos. On popular video hosting websites, i.e. YouTube, videos can gain millions of views overnight. Implementing video and sharing over YouTube and social media can result in a large number of hits for a company in a short period of time. As a video’s views increases, a company website that it is linked to will be prioritized on search engines. With the blended search that is used, video searches are mixed together with everything else. This means that a view on a video that is featured on a website also benefits the website’s ranking. Uploading the video with the same title to YouTube and social media will increase the total awareness that the video generates. This can all happen very quickly with snow balling growth as a result of more views generating more shares. Well produced videos can go viral, which can even put the tiniest start-ups on the map.

Videos can make a huge difference in awareness companies receive. Whether its engaging individual visitors or improving website visibility through SEO, everything happens at the speed of the web. Video covers all the bases by increasing the time web visitors stay and more effectively reaching out to them about product or service offerings. It also increases the likelihood of landing on the first page of a Google search, which is like winning an awareness jackpot.

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