Video for charities – creating personal value for important causes.


Non-profit organizations rely on fundraising to achieve their goals. Video can be a great means of capturing support because of its ability to create personal value. Video provides compelling imagery to audiences so that they can see the importance in causes. It provides a way to reach their emotional sides to create immediate motivation to help out. Video can also help promote reoccurring donors by keeping them connected.

Video’s ability to show emotions can better persuade audiences to contribute to worthwhile causes. Its ability to convey rich information can create sympathy among audiences, motivating them to take action. This goes beyond creating just business value, which consists of logical reasons for a cause. With charitable organizations, creating personal appeals is especially effective. Seeing is believing and videos allow views to see the real world situations that need their help. Emotions make fundraising videos personal, which appeals to viewers’ altruistic sides. Its motivation also works immediately, when emotions are strongest. Video are more effective than text and images as a call to action.

Videos also communicate credibility, which is always important as long as money is concerned.

They are able to use the human face, which is perceived as a gathering point of credible information, to talk to audiences. Claims can be made more believable this way which helps persuade audience viewers of a worthy cause. It also allows organization to go beyond claims and show audiences the differences their support could make. Video can provide a big boost to attracting new donors. It allows people to see the benefits, tangible and intangible, their gifts can produce.

When audiences see that their gifts are making a difference, they are more motivated to become reoccurring donors. Just as videos can create sympathy for causes requiring donors, it can also strengthen connections with past donors who have given gifts. Periodic videos can be produced for donors to provide them with status updates on where their gifts are going. Fundraising no longer has to have a disconnect between donors and the causes they are giving to. Technology allows donors to be easily kept in the loop. The cost of video production is also low today, allowing non-profit organizations to make the most of their money, while also reaching out to their supporters.

The popularity of online video opens the door to many promotional platforms for organizations that go down this road. Online video and social media sites allow organizations to reach out to more people through video. This also has a greater influence on younger generations which tend to have more of a presence on social media and YouTube. Swaying younger generations opens up untapped potential and also provides a source of reoccurring donors for years to come.

Younger generations are a very different audience for non-profit organizations. They provide the potential for reoccurring donations for years to come, but appealing to them may be challenging. They typically like to be involved with the causes they help. This shown by to willingness of many young people to contribute themselves to causes. They prefer two-way communication instead of being fed information. Video and social provides powerful tools to achieve two-way communication from just about anywhere. Having a twitter presence and uploading videos can encourage supporters to share content, which creates more awareness.

The internet provides a place for videos to be widely shared and video attract people to the internet. For charitable organizations, videos can be a great way to create personal value and awareness for their causes. Appealing to emotions can be a strong call to action for audiences to pledge their support. Video implementation and social media presences also work in tandem to attract support from younger generations for years to come.

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