How video content can be a fresh way to reach your audience


Until the advent of video, marketing had been done on the same mediums from about a century. Advertising has always been associated with pages in magazines and posters depicting text and images. Video has offered a fresh to reach audiences and its evolved again with computers. The modern technology that we have today offers brand new ways to reach audiences through the use of video. Gone are the days where making a video consisted of hiring actors and filming. This is still an option today, but there are many cost effective options out there. The technology is easily accessible for anyone to create their own videos. Animation and graphic design prevalent and can be done on a low cost basis. Video now provides opportunities for businesses who lack massive marketing budgets to reach audiences through video. This allows them to adapt their strategies to stay on top of new trends. Today, its all about short, internet videos which attract large volumes of viewers. In a promotional setting, video allows consumers to pick up information more quickly and easily. It can also communicate information such as quality and credibility that would be difficult for other media. 

Video offers a concise medium to deliver information to audiences. This is beneficial in a variety of uses such as explaining a product or instructional videos. Implementation of video for these tasks saves consumers the time to read descriptions or instructions, which they will appreciated. Audiences often have busy schedules so they will often not take the time to read through material if a video isn’t available. Conversely, with video, they can watch on the go on their smartphones or mobile devices. Watching video on such devices is more natural than reading text because the screens were designed for that purpose. Platforms such as YouTube provide access to large audiences across many devices. They also have a series of links and suggested video designed to hold audiences’ interest for longer. With cellular data speeds rising, its becoming more and more convenient to access mobile video. This provides an opportunity to reach audiences at almost any time during the day, not just when they are at the computer. While computers are being labelled more as creation platform, mobile device are for content enjoyment. They’re well suited for presenting something new and creative, which is what audiences are looking for. 

Video also provides a platform for business owners to demonstrate their expertise in an area. By having a personal medium of communication, experience and expertise can be demonstrated. Claims lack the support that videos offer because anyone can make them. Businesses can demonstrate their superiority best with videos. This can be done in a variety of ways, in promotional videos or informative ones. Promotional video can demonstrate products or services in new and effective ways. Informative videos, such as instructional videos, can demonstrate expertise in an are. Both serve to strengthen credibility which goes a long way to making sale. Adding interesting videos, whether they’re promotional or informative will strengthen the consumer following for a business. They are more likely to stay on websites longer or subscribe to content on YouTube. The idea of subscription gives businesses the ability to periodically put out new content that will refreshing audience interest. Staying relevant is difficult in a world where yesterday’s news is history. Audiences are going to be looking for the next new thing, and periodical videos may point them to an existing business.

The world moves at a fast pace and videos provide a solution to carry out information quickly. With its widespread accessibility, videos are able to deliver fresh content to audiences in their most convenient time. Persistence in constantly putting out new will help businesses stay fresh.

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