How video engages solid customer relationships


The strength of video is its capabilities to create both business and personal value. Having both improves a business’s ability to find customers and to hold onto them. 

A business can implement videos to inform their prospective customers about their products and services. They can provide compelling reasons why consumers should buy their offerings using multimedia. Companies can use representatives to deliver information in videos. Viewers will use their faces as gathering points for credible information. Companies can also demonstrate product features that add to their case. This goes much further than simply stating claims, especially if the statements are through text. Using these methods, a company can add to its business value in the eyes of consumers.  If you use video to deliver compelling arguments, consumers will have logical reasons to do business with you. Creating business value is an absolute necessity to remain competitive. Its an activity that competing firms will all engage to create customer relationships. With it being so widespread, this strategy can often seem overused and insufficient. Because not all business decisions rely on sound logic along, creating personal value is also an asset. 

This is where video comes in again. Although video is superior at delivering logical information than text and images, its far more advantageous for personal appeals. Video is able depict emotion, which is an area where text fails and images are limited. Videos can show facial expressions, body language and voice intonations that are the sources of emotions. Communicating emotions can often be contagious, eliciting the same emotions for viewers. Video can also elicit emotions from audiences using its powerful imagery that is exclusive to the medium. Using either technique, businesses can cause audiences to ‘feel’ with video, thus creating personal value for their products and services. Using planned strategies, businesses can elicit the emotions they want in audiences in order to achieve engagement with their promotion. They can make use emotions felt by consumers as motivators for them to perform a specific action. For example, a charity can use the emotions from powerful imagery of suffering as a call to action for viewer support. Creating personal value in promotion works in tandem with business value. Consumers who are convinced by personal value will have the motivation to act immediately while feelings are strong. Consumers who are convinced by business value will rely on sound logic to do business with an organization. The two values work in tandem because consumers who are convinced by business value along may not have the drive to act as if they were emotionally inspired. When both are present, companies have a better ability to find customers and to keep them for a long time. Personal value promotes immediate action while business value promotes long term relationships. 

Once long-term customer relationships have been formed, businesses can improve them by frequently reaching out. Video is an effective means for this because the internet gives it a wide outreach. Online video is popular on sites like YouTube and on social media. Social media especially, gives businesses the opportunity to reach their customers directly. Providing customers with video content that is interesting and personal (as only video can be) strengthens relationships. Social media platforms also provide opportunities to build more customer relationships using effective video content. Existing customers who find content they received interesting can share with their friends, which can act as a introduction to a business. Video is often the prefer method of communication as it provides viewers with interesting and engaging content. This makes it useful for strengthening and build new customer relationships.

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