Why a video friendly culture can inspire


A company’s communication channels are its means of passing on information, whether from upper management downwards, or from employees upwards. They range in richness from plain text communication, to in-person discussions. Video falls just under in-person communication and strikes a balance between richness and convenience. While being superior to many other communication channels in conveying information, it avoids the logistical concerns of in person communication. With these characteristics, video can be a great asset for inspiring employees. 

The richness in communication that video delivers allows information to be transmitted that would normally be lost in text. There is no need to “read between the lines” here, with body language and emotions all making their way to the recipient. For any organization, this results in a more personal communication channel. One major benefit that such a personal communication channel can bring is shortened power distances. When CEOs and upper management use video to address their employees, it builds relationships where their previously were none. Receiving more personal communications from upper management will increase the inspiration of the content that is being delivered. Company leaders will be better able to convince employees of the benefit of their ideas through video. Unlike text, video allows for charisma to be communicated, allowing leaders to share personal stories to inspire. Employees who are convinced by the cause they are working for will be better motivated intrinsically. Video will also enhance a positive message and mitigate a negative one. When there is positive news to be shared, its benefits will be heightened by a personal touch. If there is bad news that needs to be passed on, it adds accountability and empathy when a face delivers the news, through video. 

In video-friendly organizational cultures, employees are encouraged to create their own video responses. This adds to the overall sense of team in an organization, when normally distant employees and upper management are able to communication face to face. Employees and management will both be inspired to be working in a tight-knit group. This will provide encouragement to employees to provide feedback to their superiors. Employees who have their ideas heard will be more inspired and motivated because they will have a say in their workplace. While employees will gain empowerment from the video communication, upper management will gain a better idea of what is going on in their organization. This will lead to better management decisions tailored to the needs of employees. Employees are the main beneficiary of implementing video in a workplace. They benefit from more rewarding work in a stronger team environment. They are also better able to get their name out and demonstrate exception performance deserving of rewards. 

Although all of the benefits of video are obtainable through in-person interactions, there are many conveniences to using video. Firstly, video avoids the need to synchronize busy schedules together in order to setup up meetings. It also avoids the waste of time that meetings can sometimes be, with participants liable to go off topic and new issues often brought up. Instead videos remain focused on the tasks at hand and aim to address one issue at a time. Its in this manner that work is completed most efficiently. Videos that have been created can be viewed by the intended recipients at any time, allowing for flexibility, in for urgent matters. In addition to saving time, a video can have a wider outreach than any single in-person communication. Videos are not limited by the space of a conference room when it comes to who can view the content. They also hold significant future value, by permanently holding onto their information for future viewers. In the long run this can ultimately save money, because each issue only has to be addressed once, whereas in-person communication might involve repetition. 

Using video as a communication channel can be a rewarding experience for everyone in an organization. Employees will benefit in particular from the empowerment that it can create and find more inspiration in their work. A video-friendly, tight-knit culture allows for more exceptional performances to be recognized and rewarded. Both employees and upper management will benefit from the formation of new relationships.

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