Video as the growing medium on all on-line channels


Recent studies from Forrester Research show that companies overall are spending 20% more to beef up their online videos. For businesses who haven’t adopted into this, it may be necessity going forward, just as web presence has become a necessity today. There are benefits of implementing video when deciding upon online marketing and communication channels. Video is able to communicate richer information than text and images. This allows it better inform audiences while also appealing to their emotional sides. Video provides the opportunity to create personal value for content, which can not be done with text and only to a limited degree with images. Video is able to create powerful imagery to persuade viewers and to attract their attention. Video can also create awareness for websites directly and indirectly, through search engine optimization. Videos diverse benefits are compelling reasons to grow in this area.

Not only get video get messages across to viewers faster than text, it can also communicate information omitted from other mediums. As an information-rich platform, video is able to share information through facial expressions, voice intonations, body language and imagery. This allows video to both convey emotion and cause emotion to be felt by audiences. Whether it’s a result of contagious emotions being shown or powerful imagery, video can cause audiences to have feelings about content.  This goes above and beyond what other online mediums can accomplish because it can create personal value. Text and images get the job done when it comes to creating business value, which is composed of logical reasoning to persuade views to act. Often, in many situations, business value is not enough or results could be improved on using personal value. This type of emotional appeal to audiences uses different types of motivation from business value. Emotional motivation work immediately after content ends, which is when audience member feelings are the strongest. With video, eliciting audience’s emotions also makes content more memorable. Viewers will be more likely to remember content that they felt strongly about.

With web presence being so important to businesses, many will look for ways to create awareness online. Video is effective at improving the awareness of websites. The most direct thing that videos accomplish for websites is they keep visitors for longer. Typically, visitors get bored easily with webpages that feature only blocks of text and maybe an image or two. These website can only hold visitors for about 10 to 20 seconds on average. With video, website owners have the ability to create interesting content that will hold on to visitors’ attention for longer. For business, this can increase the number of visitors that they get through to with their promotions. Increasing the amount of time that users stay a website increases its ‘stickiness’. This is a key metric used by search engines to rank search results. Stickier website will be ranked higher and be more visible to internet users. Videos also improve a website’s search engine optimization by receiving views. Many of today’s search engines including Google use blended search which combines website, image and video results. They take into account the views that videos receive when ranking results so websites containing videos with views will be ranked higher than websites with no video. For a website, this ultimately factors into getting on the first results page, creating great online awareness.

With all these benefits and the relatively low costs of producing video today, many companies are jumping on board. The growing popularity of video will likely persist as a trend, until another medium is able to offer richer information content.

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