How Video keeps visitors on your site


In the fast-paced world we live in, consumer interest is difficult to capture. Different studies have shown that website visitors typically stay for no longer than 20 seconds. For most businesses this is simply not enough time to present their ideas to consumers. Videos can change this. This medium is very popular already and only growing. While YouTube video often receives millions of views or more, video’s growth will allow it to make up most of the worldwide internet traffic in a couple years. The consumer interest in video makes it a great way reach out to web visitors.

Nothing grabs attention on a website like video. When the majority of people reach a website featuring a video, the first thing they see is the video. Video is able to take advantage of the fact that human beings tend to focus on faces. During conversions, its important to keep eye contact. This idea has become hard-wired into our brains and when people see a face in a video, they instantly gravitate towards it. The way video attracts attention can be used to communicate ideas while audiences are focused. Video provides the opportunity to provide web visitors with interesting information that they might not have paid attention to as text. This prevents companies from losing viable consumers, who could have an interest in their business, simply because they were bored. Video reduces audience boredom because in addition to attracting attention, it can deliver information quickly. Consumers don’t want to read paragraphs of text to understand a product and they won’t be able to in 20 seconds. Video attracts their attention so they stay for longer and also informs them more quickly. Often, what takes paragraphs of text to explain, can be described in a few seconds of a video. When it comes to video production, companies have video, animation, narration, and text at their disposal. Effectively using these tools allows information to be communicated quickly and in a way that will be understood. Having a product understood allows it to generate interest. Without this, there is no motivation for web visitors to stay beyond their initial 20 seconds.

In order for videos to be effective at keeping visitors around they have to be brief. Videos can also become boring after a period of time so its best to keep video less than 3 minutes in length. This is more than enough time for a video to explain in detail a product or service and why consumers should buy it. When coming up with content for a video, it better to tell a story with it than to just describe the product. Stories are more interesting and therefore more likely to engage views. The explainer video is one example that accomplishes this. These videos start off describing a problem that consumers face. Then they go on to explain how this problem can be solved by the product or service being offered. Explainer videos are an essential video for businesses with a new product or service to offer. They’re great at keeping web visitors around longer to learn about products and services. When implementing videos solutions to a website, its important to monitor results. Experiment with different videos and placements and observe website ‘stickiness’ metrics. These numbers tell website owners information on how long visitors are staying for. Its not just about the video content, visual appeal and on screen location also affect how long visitors stay. Through this process, businesses can maximize the amount of time that visitors spend a their sites given the amount of video they’ve added.

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