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Although its not traditionally seen as a form of marketing, search engine optimization can make a huge difference in the internet age. Modern businesses need to maintain websites to stay competitive and having their websites show up on the first page of a Google search will dramatically increase the number of visitors. Search engine optimization, or SEO, aims to accomplish this task. Using knowledge of the algorithms that internet search providers use, SEO better tailors websites to improve their search rankings. With search algorithms always being changed and improved, SEO experts need to keep up with updates. Nowadays, there is widespread interest in online videos and search providers accommodate for this. Since Google introduced universal search in 2007, search results have been a blend of text, video, images and documents. These blended results now favour websites featuring video. In order for businesses to optimize their websites with the goal of landing on the first page of search results, video is a must.

In 2009 a study by Forrester Research that showed website with video were 53 time more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results. This study demonstrated just how videos are prioritized in search engine results pages. The power of video goes beyond making sales to visitors that are on a website. They actually make websites more visible to the entire world. Videos accomplish this feat because they make people click and stay around on websites for longer. Watching video typically involves more clicking, to start, paused or resize a video than plain text. The number of clicks a website receives is a metric that is used by search engines to rank their results, therefore more clicks lead to a higher ranking. A new statistic that search engines now monitor is how long visitors dwell on a website for. Videos can lengthen visitors stays on websites by providing something more interesting and informative to take up their time. If a video does lead to a visitor making a purchase, it can still pad the stats for better search engine results.

Businesses who want their websites to appear of the first results pages of search engines need to employ video SEO. Video search engine optimization involves meeting a set of criteria for search engines so that the most are made out of videos. This includes simply posting videos on YouTube, which insures that the content will be indexed in the Google search engine. This also provides another stream of visitors, from YouTube, who may have interest in a business. Another thing is that titles are important. Search engines aren’t able to see the actual video content so they rely on titles and tags. Excellent video with poor titling and tagging will not necessarily produce stellar results. Titles should be detailed and specific in order to produce better results with Google’s search algorithm. It also helps to submit multiple copies of the same video under different titles. As Google can’t tell identical content so it will treat these as separate videos which should lead to better search results.

With the popularity of internet video, video search engine optimization will be a powerful tool for the foreseeable future. For businesses, creating video aids in making sales as well as attracting more internet traffic overall. Firms who have fallen behind this trend may be missing out on the benefits of first page search engine results. Many people may lack the time, or patience to scroll and click through the endless list of search results. Optimizing websites for search algorithms using video may be the best bet of making sure a website is visible.

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