Let the art of storytelling transform your video marketing

Gardner Productions shapes your story with authenticity, audience insights and a story arc that aligns to your brand positioning.

Video marketing is essential to getting your brand the recognition it deserves. Here's why.

  • Harnessing the power of storytelling provides your audience with an overwhelmingly positive response to your message
  • Video captures the imagination like no other medium, allowing your audience to connect emotionally with you
  • You can tell your story, your way, through engaging and evocative imagery
  • Viral social sharing can turbocharge your brand recognition
  • Videos are much more effective than static banners and help your website achieve superior search engine rankings for improved visibility

Extend Your Brand's Reach Through Video Marketing Services

We all love stories, and a well-crafted one grabs the viewer’s attention and holds it, while your audience waits for the next series of events to unfold.

Everyone has a story to tell. And that’s where we come in.

Our goal is to help you tell yours in an engaging way, harnessing your audience’s imagination and emotion to both educate your viewer while drawing them into your narrative.

You’ll not only explain what you do and how it’s done, but you’ll also evoke a response that positively influences the viewer’s perception of you. The result is that your customers will be more receptive to your marketing message and video content marketing. When done well, it can lead to viral sharing that significantly extends your brand’s reach.

Let us help you tell your story, your way. Connect with your audience, engage their attention, capture their imagination and fuel their positive perception of you. Click here to learn how you can maximize your brand recognition.

Brand Playbook

It takes more than words to communicate your brand. Amplify your story with a playbook and give your customers the video content they need to truly connect with your brand. Authentic, inspired storytelling captured in a brand playbook.  Tell your whole brand story so your customer can feel, taste and even smell your brand – that’s the deeper level of engagement only video can give. Your brand playbook awakens visceral emotion and showcases striking imagery that triggers demand for your products and services.

Captivate Your Audience

Incite viewers to take action with public service video announcements that follow these three principles sensitive, sensible and succinct. Like you, we want to do good in the world and our team delivers against our collective expertise in directing, scripting & storyboarding and post-production wizardry to strike the right cord for the brand and evoke the deepest emotions from the audience.

Tell Your True Story

Telling of the rise to power or a corporate comeback story or perhaps a revolutionary product that’s changing the world – a documentary-style video production can build a groundswell of support for a worthwhile cause, a breakthrough invention, a medical discovery, a plucky startup and a business success story. Leverage the depth of our experience with the Discovery Channel USA, TSN and CBC.

Special Events and Behind The Scenes

Show the world there’s more to your brand, cause, industry, product and service. Corporate events, music festivals, industry galas and award ceremonies are all worth a small fortune in sharable content.  Make the most of the content your brand produces. Our expert team of video production and post-production specialists extract each key moments so you can celebrate with your social networks. Gain followers, gain customers.

Make Your Differences Shine

Showcase your company’s unique story and draw new customers to your business.  Like the making of a new company, building relationships takes time and a consistent story can convince people to trust your brand and buy your product or service.  That’s our end game for our clients – shed the most positive light on their business.

APitch Perfect

Whether live action, 3D animation or a combination of both, the perfect pitch video speaks to your customers, incenting them to buy in to your value proposition, and helping them to better understand what’s unique about your product, service and company. Bring on the rainmaker

Do It Yourself (DIY) Done Right

Breaking down complex ideas, walking through instructions for a product and showing how to troubleshoot computer software, achieving a moment of perfect clarity while watching a how-to video leaves a lasting impression about the brand. They know their stuff. Many customers simply want a product expert showing them how to maintain the product they purchased and they expect it done right.

Transforming Concepts Into Reality

Make it real with beautifully-rendered animated storytelling. Make the complex easy to understand. Viewers follow the storyline that binds the elements together, speaking to customer needs and highlighting key product benefits with the help of computer-generated graphics. These videos can used as sales training for new employees unfamiliar with products, service bundles and workplace rules and regulations.

Drive Shares and Likes

Developing video content for social equals savvy brand strategy.  There’s so much content that can be produced that attracts followers and enables them to share that content with their friends.  Forget about one-time viral video – think about having your own social content series. Tweet something about your brand every day. That’s how we build a following.

The Social Media Benefits of Video Marketing

The power of social media cannot be understated. Today’s successful businesses have learned how to use a social video marketing strategy to further their brand awareness.

In particular, YouTube and Instagram video marketing can make the difference between toiling in obscurity, and widespread engagement with your products and services.

We’ll help you craft a video that shines on social media; one that encourages shares and has the potential to go viral. Your video will spread its wings and fly, bringing new customers to the fold while engaging existing ones.

Video Marketing Services For All Industries

Whether your business is large or small, with a regional footprint or a global reach, our video marketing services are ready to maximize your brand awareness.

Video marketing can help a business of any stripe – law firm, dental, real estate, retail, commercial, small and local business – grow brand awareness and gain customer attention in a sea of noise.

Our talented team understands visual storytelling inside and out, providing a complete solution for your video marketing needs. Simply tell us your story, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We will work with you from start to finish. From helping you flesh out your story through the storyboarding, scripting, production, and post-production phases. Our dedicated team members will be with you every step of the way.

Your Video Marketing Journey Begins Here

Gardner Productions is ready to help you gain leads, improve customer engagement, and showcase your products and services through the power of engaging video storytelling.

Grab attention. Captivate imagination. Evoke emotion. Your video marketing journey begins here. Contact us to take the first step.

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Static banners are like dinosaurs, extinct! Video drives engagement. Infuse video in your banners and what the click-through rate soar! See what we mean! Live action or computer-generated animated graphics, both perform very well.
Video banners launch new products better !

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