How video sets you apart from your competitors


Web visitors notice video because motion attracts attention. Videos, or motion pictures, stand out among the text and images that make up the majority of internet webpages. Text is easy to create, requiring only a keyboard, which every personal computer has. Text is also comprised of less data so in terms of simplicity, it can’t be matched. Although videos require more production work, they help businesses stand out on the internet, which is crowded with text and images. For businesses looking to create awareness for themselves, video is well worth the investment.

Its human nature to focus on things in motion. This was originally a survival instinct, but now it affects how we filter out information on the internet. On websites featuring a video, an overwhelming majority of people gravitate to the video first. From this, its reasonable to assume that if multiple websites were placed side by side, the websites featuring video would be the ones that internet user’s eyes would go to first. Having this advantage is important for websites because on average visitors stay for less than 20 seconds. Having something that attracts attention can make a website stand out and convince visitors to stay rather move on to the next website. Without video, businesses will not have a lot of time to tell visitors about their products or services. Websites with video will buy more time and give their companies competitive advantages. Companies that invest in video will benefit from the way it attracts viewers and its ability to deliver quick information. Video, as a form of multimedia is able to communicate more to consumers than text and images and in a more understandable way. This allows companies to tell consumers more about the benefits of their products and services before consumers lose interest. Having the opportunity to get this information out to consumers is a competitive advantage.

Videos can also create awareness for businesses on the web. Company websites with video are better optimized for search engines and will be ranked higher on search results pages. This is because the blended search used nowadays takes into account video views along with website visitors and staying duration to rank webpages. Video improves two of these metrics: video views and staying duration. Websites without video receive zero views so implementing any form of video creates a big advantage there. Videos also increase visitor staying duration because they can keep visitors interested for at least a couple of minutes. Short ‘explainer’ videos of about 2 minutes in length are great for explaining a product or service and keeping viewers interested. Again, this is a big improvement over website with no video, where visitors stay for 20 seconds on average. The end result for companies that implement video on their websites is that they will be ranked closer to the top on searches. Effective use of video can even land websites on the first page of a Google search. This yields a huge competitive advantage because it ensures that a website will be seen by users who run that search. Companies that take advantage of video will benefit from the increased internet awareness it creates and be ahead of their competitors that fail to capitalize.

In the sea of text that is the internet, videos stand out amongst the crowd. Their ability to attract attention can be of benefit to businesses looking to create awareness for themselves. Websites with video can receive more visitors as a result of search engine optimization and can convince visitors to stay for longer. The longer visitors stay, the more likely they will become a customer.

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