How videos create value to consumers


Marketing is all about creating value for a product or service in the eyes of consumers. Different marketing strategies will all try to create value because its what causes consumers to decide something is worth their money. Video can be a great tool in a business’s marketing campaign for increasing the value of its offerings. Business and personal value can be created by videos which appeal to different people and motivate differently. What makes video special is its ability to accomplish both, especially personal value, better than other mediums.

Video has been used frequently, by all types of businesses to attract consumers on the internet. Its creates immediate attention-grabbing interest because of human nature. Our attention focuses on motion in our vicinity in what used to be a survival instinct. On a website, this motion can be conveyed by video which is the focal point where visitors go to first. Video’s ability to attract consumer attention is the first part of its effectiveness in creating business value. There is no point in making logical points to promote a product if nobody is listening. This is often the case on websites that feature only text with maybe an image or two. A large amount of information needs something to attract consumers, which is where video comes in. Videos can also create awareness for a business’s website through search engine optimization. Adding videos to a website can improve its rankings on search engine results pages because major search engines take into account videos and their views. Optimizing a website with video can lead to it landing on the first page of a Google search. This creates massive awareness from consumers who execute related searches. For effective promotion, information also needs to be effectively delivered, in a convincing way. Video is able to communicate large amounts of information in a short time because its multimedia can make use of video, narrative, text and more. With video, businesses can use different tools to get their points across in understandable ways. Convincing arguments can be made because companies can support any claims with demonstrations and testimonials. Even using actors in videos improves credibility because consumers will look to faces as a gathering point of credible information.

Videos are great for creating business value. They are able to communicate logical reasons for buying a product or service in an efficient manner. Aside from being able to effectively deliver information videos are also great at creating personal value. This is something that text cannot do and images only to a limited degree. Personal value of a product or service stems from emotions felt by its prospective customers. Establishing feelings among consumers makes a promotion more memorable. Consumers will recall more quickly a product they feel strongly about than one that communicated with dullness. Personal value can often have stronger effects on consumers than business value can. People are not always driven by logic; they sometimes make choices based on feelings. Appealing to this side strengthens a business’s ability to motivate consumers. When business sense is kept intact, these two different strategies can work in tandem, creating solutions that consumers think and feel highly of. While good business value can build long term customer relationships, personal value motivates in the short. Creating personal value can encourage consumers to buy-in immediately after a video because that is when emotions are strongest. It can also cause consumers to toil over promoted products and services, because emotions create memorability.

Valuation creation is a strength of video and an important goal in marketing. Videos can help marketers create business and personal value to promote products and services.

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