Your Story

Anyone can get their hands on
a camera and churn out a video

What takes real skill - and leaves a lasting impact - is strategic storytelling. This means creating outstanding content that shifts mindsets, changes behaviours and champions action.

Our Work

Gardner Productions follows these tenets with
every video and commercial we produce.

We know what sets us apart is our strategy-first approach and a commitment to creating story-led videos for our clients.

  • Hosting a discovery call

    We’ll conduct an hour-long onboarding session to dig deep into your goals and objectives.

  • Selecting your team

    Based on our discussion, we’ll put together a team with the right skills and experience to complement your project.

  • Developing a marketing strategy

    To have a real impact, you need a considered marketing plan to get your content seen. We can help.

  • Creating a series of storyboards

    Want to see how your ideas translate into pictures? We’ll develop a narrative for your story through custom illustrations.

  • Production begins

    Lights, camera, action! We’ll take your ideas and bring them to life through strategic, high-impact visuals.

  • Post-production

    This is where the fine-tuning happens - we polish up the footage so it looks sharp and on-brand for your project.

  • Post-project support

    Need help with media buying or PR for your video? We can put you in touch with our network of partners to help amplify your content.

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